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Rules of the House

Contrary to the famous tongue in cheek saying, rules were not made to be broken.  Rules provide an environment of safety, peace and respect.  It is human nature for people to act in a self-centered manner.  Rules remind them that there are others in their circle for whom they need to give consideration.

The Rules of the House must be short, concise and in written form.  They must be presented and reviewed at the interview.  A signed copy of the rules must be provided to the landlord before moving into the home.  This puts everyone on notice what the landlord’s expectations are and that the renter will behave within the confines of the House Rules.

The list below is meant to list areas that may cause contention in the house.  There may be some rules that you would like to take away or even add.  Each landlord is going to have different rules that are more important to them than they would be to another.

  • Noise. Things to consider:
  1. Music
  2. Guests
  3. What is an acceptable time to begin the quiet hours?
  • Living Areas
  1. Television watching times
  2. Use of DVR
  • Kitchen
  1. Clean up
  2. Cabinet Space
  3. Refrigerator Space
  4. Consumables (soaps, paper towels, condiments, etc.)
  • Laundry
  1. Late night laundry
  2. Leaving clothes in the machines
  • Parking
  1. Driveway or street
  2. Assigned parking
  • Guests
  1. How often
  2. Can they spend the night
  3. When does a girlfriend become a renter?
  • Bathroom
  1. Hot water management
  2. Consumables (hand soap, toilet paper, hand towels, etc)
  • Cleaning
  1. Bathroom cleaning
  2. Kitchen cleaning
  3. Picking up after oneself
  • Drinking/Drugs
  1. Ok or not?
  2. Social, moderate or heavy?
  • Smoking
  1. Inside or Out
  2. Not at all
  • Environmental controls
  1. Who manages AC and Heating
  2. Who can change the thermostat?
  • Pets
  1. Pet waste cleanup
  2. Leash rules
  3. Pets in common areas
  • General Courtesy
  1. You made the mess, you clean it up.
  2. Don’t “borrow” without asking. That’s stealing.
  3. Don’t go into rooms you don’t belong.
  4. Be nice

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