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5 Pictures You Must Include in Your Craigslist Ad

Whether you like it or not, when you put an ad on Craigslist, you are in selling mode.  Ad is short for advertisement.  The pictures you put in your ad represent you as a landlord and your property.  You want to present the property in an attractive manner.

Think of Craigslist as a dating site.  You want to post pictures that show the beautiful parts of your home but you also don’t want to misrepresent your home.  You are wasting your time and the potential renter’s time if you portray something in your home that is not true.

There are five pictures that are a must in every Craigslist ad.

1 – Street View of the House.  This tells the potential renter quite a bit about you as a homeowner and a landlord.  The seekers will be able to partially tell what type of person you are through the condition of your home as it presents on the street.  They will also be able to determine the type of neighborhood you live in.

2 – Living Room.  There is an assumption that the renter will have access to the common areas.  The style of your décor and state of clutter will give them help them determine if this is an environment in which they could live.

3 – Bedroom.  A shot of the window and of the closet helps the seeker determine if the room has enough storage space for them and if the lighting is to their liking.

4 – Bathroom.  Pictures of the bathroom are most important.  People spend intimate time in their lives in the restroom and they want a place that is comfortable and clean.

5 – Backyard.  Once again, the backyard paints a picture of you as a homeowner.  If you care about your backyard, the seeker can reasonably expect that they will be offered a clean environment to live in.  If you have an old disabled car in the backyard, you may find a renter that wants to put his unfinished motorcycle restoration back there as well.

Your home reflects you.  Take pictures that are inviting and true.  Do not misrepresent yourself.  If you have figurines of clowns all over the living room, don’t be afraid to leave them in the pictures.  They are going to see them eventually.

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